All Natural Jewelry Cleaner, Shiner, De-Glue and Hand Sanitizer from BEADELLE

Glitterize is pleased to offer our customers New BEADELLE SOLUTIONS- Natural Products created just for Beaders, Crafters, Quilters, Jewelers, Designers, Creators, etc.

o No more wondering what will take off excess glue and epoxy when trying to clean up after a craft project.

o No more experimenting in trying to clean up the spills all around your work area.

o No more trial and error to figure out how to shine up the stones on hand-made jewelry.

o No more endless trips to wash your hands when using a hand sanitizer to get rid of the stickies!

 O•D•X Cleaner- An effective, eco-friendly way to prepare your sealed wood, metal, glass or plastic surfaces for gluing. It will also remove excess glue and epoxy up to the maximum setting time of the adhesive.

Glitz Jewelry Shiner- Simply spritz jewelry and polish dry with a soft cloth. Useful for deep cleaning your diamond, silver, gold, metal, fashion, costume and rhinestone jewelry.

Stain Remover- Effective on coffee, wine, food, blood and other difficult stains. A powerful plant-based, safe stain remover for hard surfaces, fabrics and carpet!

Hand Sanitizer- An alcohol-free, fragrance-free, non-sticky spray that quickly kills germs on contact!

Solutions are available in both 2oz. travel-size spray bottles and 8oz. convenience-size spray bottles.



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