All of the Sizes and Colors Available in SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Flat Back Rhinestones!

Available in a large assortment of sizes!

Hotfix or No Hotfix!

Sold in Full Packs or Partial Packs!.

Available in tons of colors!



Crystal AB

Crystal Antique Pink

Denim Blue



Black Diamond

Fern Green


Light Amethyst

Light Colorado Topaz

Light Rose

Light Siam




Provence Lavender



Crystal Copper

Crystal Golden Shadow

Crystal Red Magma

Perfect for adding glamour and sparkle to your
BEADELLE® Collection Creations!

keep an eye open for new innovations colors coming next week!


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Valentine’s Day Design Ideas!


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Do It Yourself Pendants and Earrings with CREATIVE CLAY!

The Beadelle Creative Clay is a 2-part epoxy. It cures without heat and molds like clay! Choose from 18 different color options as your background color.  Perfect for designing unique pendants, earrings, pins and more!  Use chatons, flat backs, fancy stones, cabachons or any embellishment of your choice!

Simply mix Part A & B together for several minutes, attach clay to any surface and add SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS or any embellishment of your choosing.

Use Creative Clay to add bling to anything, now no soldering or welding is required!

Package includes 50g of Black Creative Clay (25g Part A & 25g Part B), 1 pair of vinyl gloves, 1 beeswax & toothpick applicator & 36 assorted SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Chatons.

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New German Glass Cabochons available on!


The perfect Do-It-Yourself item for colorful, 3-dimensional designs!

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New Colorful Acrylic Stones and Lucite Flat Backs Available on!


Use your imagination with these super colorful and affordable stones!

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Free Gift With Purchase on!

As a special thank you for purchasing on we are offering a free gift with EVERY purchase!

I would tell you what it is, but then it wouldn’t be a surprise and everyone loves surprises right!?


What started out as an extracurricular activity for two college students, has turned into the spectacle we like to call Glitterize™ today.  Add some sparkle to your day or evening, with our high quality yet functional designs.

Glitterize™ is all about creating a sense of luxury and glamour without the expensive price tag.  Our style is elegant and bold with comfort and convenience.  Adding our crystal components and accents will create that extra shine you need to grab everyone’s attention.  Wearing any of our signature pieces means standing out in a crowded room.  Showcasing any of our pieces at your next event means taking the ordinary and turning it into extraordinary!

At you have the option of buying our one-of-a-kind components to make your own original piece of work, or the ease of buying a finished product created by our talented visionaries.  Many of our signature BEADELLE® rhinestone balls, crystal buckles, magnetic clasps and pavé beads look amazing paired with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to produce 100% unique and original designs!

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Glitterize Your Flip Flops With Swarovski Flat Backs for Only $25!

A HOT DIY trend for this summer is definitely Glitterizing a simple pair of flip flops and making them your favorite piece of footwear for the season.  For all of you DIYers out there, this is a project that is easy and will save you a ton of $$.  Normally flip flops like these could cost anywhere between $100-$200.

This project will only cost you $25!!! Crystals = $23 and Flipflops from Old Navy = $ 1.50 -$3.99.  And the best part about DIYing, I’m sure you already know, is the fact that you can buy any color flip flops you want and any color Swarovski Flat Backs, to design an original fashion creation!

Make These Flip Flops with:

– Capri Blue

– Crystal Metallic Blue

– Dark Indigo

  • Two-Part Epoxy Glue / Adhesive
  • One Pair of Flip-Flops

Note!   Once glued, let the flip flops dry over night.

For tips on how to Glue Flat Backs correctly visit our Application Guide here!

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