Sewing, Gluing and Hot Fix Application Guides for Your Crystallized(TM) Swarovski Elements

Check out our Application Guides for your Crystallized(TM) – Swarovski Elements!

Learn tips for Sewing, Gluing and Hot Fix!

Hot fix Application Guide
Sewing Application Guide
Gluing Application Guide
for applying Flatbacks and
simliar CYSTALLIZEDTM – Swarovski Elements with
heat senstive backings.
for applying Sew-on items,
Beads & many other
CYSTALLIZEDTM – Swarovski Elements
for applying Round Stones & similar CYSTALLIZEDTM – Swarovski Elements
PDF Download PDF Download
PDF Download PDF Download
PDF Download PDF Download


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DIY Glitterized Easter Eggs

These are not the type of Easter eggs that belong in your Easter Egg hunt! But they make for great Glitterized room or party decor!

Materials Needed:

1 Metallic Gold Plastic Easter Egg

1 Metallic Silver Plastic Easter Egg

80 ss20 Swarovski Flat Backs No Hotfix in Crystal AB

40 ss20 Swarovski Flat Backs No Hotfix in Crystal


Liquid Fusion Clear Urethane Glue


1.  Pick up each crystal and apply a TINY drop of glue on the back.

2.  Apply each crystal on to make the design of your choice.  (The Gold egg has a crystal egg design and the Silver egg has a cross design)

3.  Let the crystals dry for 30 minutes.

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DIY Beadelle(TM) Possibilities: Pave Easter Egg Earrings!

With the Beadelle(TM) line the possibilities are endless. These beautiful and very expensive-looking Easter Egg-Inspired Earrings are so easy to DIY!

Materials Needed:

  • Beadelle(TM) 6mm Crystal Rondelles (Silver/Crystal or Gold/Crystal)
  • 3″ Metal Head Pins
  • Metal Fish Hooks
  • Needlenose pliers


1.  Stick the metal headpin through the bicone bead, rondelle, and oval pave´ bead.

2.  With your Needlenose pliers bend the extra headpin wire all the way around toward the pave´ bead hole to make a loop.

3.  Add the fish hook to the loop and then stick the wire back through the pave´ bead hole.

These earrings in Gold/Crystal AB are in reverse order with a smaller 9x13mm Beadelle(TM) Oval Pave´ bead:

Switch up sizes and colors to make your own customized look!

Shop Now:

Featured on The:

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Glitterize Your Flip Flops!

Make Your Own Flip Flops with:

– Capri Blue

– Crystal Metallic Blue

– Dark Indigo

  • Two-Part Epoxy Glue / Adhesive
  • One Pair of Flip-Flops

Note!   Once glued, let the flip flops dry over night.

For tips on how to Glue Flat Backs correctly visit our Application Guide here!

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Beadelle(TM) Crystal Buckles and Crystal Splash: A Wedding Season Must-Have! caters to all things wedding and special event. The Rhinestone Balls, Pave´ Beads, and magnetic clasps are great for jewelry making, cake decorating, etc.

If you haven’t heard of “buckles” before, the crystal buckles are a very popular wedding design element normally used with ribbon in smaller sizes, or chiffon with larger sizes (ex.) on the back of a chair cover).  Here’s an example of a smaller crystal buckle:

There are endless possibilities for these products and that is why we have an Inspiration Section to help you get started with design ideas.

Our newest and most popular product  is the  “Crystal Splash” made with very very small Crystallized(TM) – Swarovski Chatons used to throw on a table or display case to add sparkle and glamour.

Crystal Splash is available in 1oz, 4oz, 8oz, 1lb, and 2lb bags.  Depending on how big your party or display is.  Below is a picture from our inspiration section to show you what the crystal splash looks like on a place setting:

This picture includes a really cool knife holder made from the Rhinestone Balls,  Gold and Rose Crystal Pave´Beads in the spoon, an antique gold and light colorado topaz crystal mini frame, and crystal splash thrown on top.  Making a modern and glamorous place setting!

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Free Shipping On First Time Orders

Free Shipping

On First Time Orders of
$50 or more!

(Enter code FREESHIP at checkout)

February 11, 2010. Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , . Uncategorized. Leave a comment. is Officially Up and Running! is officially up and running and the site is looking great! While we haven’t had the chance to get everything up yet, things are moving and shaking!

In order to help shoppers on our site, we will be offering an array of value-adding items free of charge!

Since the BEADELLE(TM) line is new, we have a great inspiration section to help showcase the many things that are possible with these beautiful and sparkly products:

Our Product of the Month is our Crystal Mini Frames:

These sparkly mini frames make for great table or room decor, seat placement options, etc., and are not just for pictures! They are currently available in Antique Gold Finish with Light Colorado Topaz, Lime, Light Siam, Olivine, Montana Sapphire, and Smoked Topaz Crystals.  Glitterize will be extending our product offerings with Antique Silver Finish options.  Each picture frame is 2.25″  and $8.00 each.

Order 10 frames Receive

10% off!

(Enter code 10OFF at checkout)

Visit our site at:

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Substitute Diamonds for Crystals in 2010

To Glitterize your designs means to glamorize them! The launch of is exciting news for jewelry designers, special event / wedding planners, cake decorators, do-it-yourself fans, and crystal lovers on a budget. Now it is easier than ever for anyone to add sparkle to their life. will offer a unique array of crystal components and finished products, with the option to purchase in small or wholesale quantities. Some of’s products include Exclusive Beadelle™ Pave´ beads, Rhinestone Balls, Crystal Buckles, Pave´ Magnetic Clasps, Crystal Splash, and naturally, an array of CRYSTALLIZED™- Swarovski Elements to mix and match.

All of’s products have the look of glamour and luxury without the expensive price tag.  Not your typical bead or crystal accent, Glitterize products shine at every angle and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with colored and multi-colored crystals that are exclusive to the site.  For prices and product details visit

From jewelry making to wedding décor, everything on the site can be used in a variety of ways to achieve a sophisticated look. Beginner DIYers will enjoy their ability to enhance simple designs and expert stylists will welcome the design options that’s merchandise will create.

About Glitterize™ is a one-stop shop for event planners, wedding planners, fashion designers, jewelry designers, DIYers, and other creative geniuses to go for all of their Sparkle needs. The site provides customers with inspiration for their next project for any industry, with exceptional customer service. Glitterize your next venture and turn the ordinary into extraordinary!

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When You Decide to Glitterize, You Decide to Stand Out!

Welcome to the Glitterize Blog! – see for yourself!

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