Easy To DIY Beadelle Rhinestone Ball Earrings

These Beadelle Rhinestone Ball Earrings are Super Easy to Make!


  • 2 – 10mm Beadelle Rhinestone Balls
  • 2 – 3″ Silver Plated Headpins
  • 2 – Surgical Steel Fishhooks
  • Roundnose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters


1. Take one of your headpins and slide the Rhinestone Ball to the bottom (headpins have a flat end where beads can sit)

2. Depending on how long you want your earrings to hang, cut 1-2″ inches of excess headpin.

3. Take your roundnose pliers and curve/bend the top of the head pin to form a slight loops.

4. Hook your fishhook onto the loop.

5. Squeeze the loop to close completely.

6. Repeat!

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Featured Project! 2 for 1 Crystal Napkin Rings!

Make this Napkin Ring with:


1. Attach one side of your clasp onto your wire by looping your wire and then securing it by squeezing your crimp beads.

2. Add your Swarovski Beads and Beadelle Rhinestone Balls in the pattern of your choice.

3. Add the other side of your clasp repeating step 1.

4. Attach your clasp together and add the napkin of your choice!

The great part about these napkins rings is the fact that they can double as your party favor.  That way each guest gets to take home a beautiful Crystal bracelet they can wear forever as a reminder of your special day!

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Beadelle Rhinestone Balls

Beadelle® Rhinestone Balls are available in gold or silver plating with crystal stones.

These rhinestone balls (also known by some as “fireballs”) have the look of glamour and luxury without the expensive price tag!

Not your typical bead or crystal accent, these pieces shine at every angle. From jewelry making to cake decorating, their versatility allows you to use them in a variety of different ways to achieve a sophisticated look.

The Beadelle Rhinestone Balls come in a variety of sizes:


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