DIY Beadelle(TM) Possibilities: Pave Easter Egg Earrings!

With the Beadelle(TM) line the possibilities are endless. These beautiful and very expensive-looking Easter Egg-Inspired Earrings are so easy to DIY!

Materials Needed:

  • Beadelle(TM) 6mm Crystal Rondelles (Silver/Crystal or Gold/Crystal)
  • 3″ Metal Head Pins
  • Metal Fish Hooks
  • Needlenose pliers


1.  Stick the metal headpin through the bicone bead, rondelle, and oval pave´ bead.

2.  With your Needlenose pliers bend the extra headpin wire all the way around toward the pave´ bead hole to make a loop.

3.  Add the fish hook to the loop and then stick the wire back through the pave´ bead hole.

These earrings in Gold/Crystal AB are in reverse order with a smaller 9x13mm Beadelle(TM) Oval Pave´ bead:

Switch up sizes and colors to make your own customized look!

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Beadelle(TM) Possibilities

This necklace is made entirely out of Beadelle(TM) Gold/Crystal Rhinestone balls and Rondelles in a variety of sizes with a Gold/Crystal Oval Pave´ Magnetic Clasp .

This simple design makes for a very high glamorous look without spending hundreds of dollars.  Adding some length to the necklace also made this piece a high-fashion and trendy silhouette.

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