Ways To Use Beadelle Crystals At Your Wedding

There are so many things to think about when planning your wedding day to be the best experience of your life, and the lives of your family, and your friends. Everyone wants to make their wedding memorable right? A great way to surprise everyone and get their eyes wide and mouths open, is by using crystal!

Crystal Chaton Paperweight Buy 10 Receive 10% Off!

Since Glitterize SPECIALIZES in crystal components, we decided to use our New Line of Beadelle Crystal Components to create easy and affordable crystal wedding details.  We also like to create inspirational pieces with just the right crystal details without overdoing it, because we understand most people are on a budget (there are a lot of inexpensive ways to get the look of crystal like using sparkly ribbon you’ll see below).

Lets start with the bouquets and floral arrangements on your tables at the reception.  Beadelle Crystal Buckles are a popular and super easy way to glitterize a simple ribbon, which you can then wrap around your bouquet and whatever container your floral arrangements will be in.

Looking for a more romantic crystal touch?  You will LOVE our Heart-shaped buckles!

The buckles come in Round, Oval, Rectangle, Square, Heart, and Half-Circle Shapes. Perfect for customizing your wedding to your personal style.

Crystals can be incorporated on your tables by adding them to your décor with votive cups and candles that have Swarovski crystal Flat Backs No Hotfix glued to them.

Another easy decor idea is throwing loose crystals wherever you want! Doing this would make a very simple and elegant setting for a formal or informal wedding reception. Beadelle Crystal Splash is basically made for just that.  Crystal Splash is basically tiny chaton crystals (a Chaton is the shape of the paperweight in the first picture above) that are perfect for throwing and showing.

One of the wonderful characteristics of Crystals is that they are very sparkly, even in very low light.

You could also use Crystal Napkin Rings as a way to bring glamour to the table and offer then as your favor for everyone to take home (they could be used as a bracelet forever). The smaller size Beadelle Rhinestone Balls are perfect for this!

As mentioned before, it is very easy to create a very glamorous  setting using crystals without going over budget, and that will last in you and all of your guests’ minds forever.


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