Beadelle(TM) Crystal Buckles and Crystal Splash: A Wedding Season Must-Have! caters to all things wedding and special event. The Rhinestone Balls, Pave´ Beads, and magnetic clasps are great for jewelry making, cake decorating, etc.

If you haven’t heard of “buckles” before, the crystal buckles are a very popular wedding design element normally used with ribbon in smaller sizes, or chiffon with larger sizes (ex.) on the back of a chair cover).  Here’s an example of a smaller crystal buckle:

There are endless possibilities for these products and that is why we have an Inspiration Section to help you get started with design ideas.

Our newest and most popular product  is the  “Crystal Splash” made with very very small Crystallized(TM) – Swarovski Chatons used to throw on a table or display case to add sparkle and glamour.

Crystal Splash is available in 1oz, 4oz, 8oz, 1lb, and 2lb bags.  Depending on how big your party or display is.  Below is a picture from our inspiration section to show you what the crystal splash looks like on a place setting:

This picture includes a really cool knife holder made from the Rhinestone Balls,  Gold and Rose Crystal Pave´Beads in the spoon, an antique gold and light colorado topaz crystal mini frame, and crystal splash thrown on top.  Making a modern and glamorous place setting!


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